Marine Biology Institute (MBI) is an important research and teaching department of Shantou University, which was established in 2001 on the basis of Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Biology (GPKLMB). GPKLMB was granted to construct by the superior government in 1993 and was formally established in 1995, and thus became the first key laboratory on marine science in Guangdong province. GPKLMB’s research facilities include the laboratory in main campus and the seaside Marine Biological Station located in Nan’ao Island.


MBI has a strong faculty with both research and teaching experience. Most of the key faculty members have worked in foreign research institutes for many years, and their SCI papers have been cited by a number of researchers worldwide. Besides, MBI also provide technique support for the development of local oceanic and fishery economy. A number of research programs have been funded from the National Science Foundation and Guangdong Provincial departments in the past few years.