Key discipline sponsored by Guandong Provincial 211 project

Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology    

Marine Biology Institute, Shantou University

Department of Biology, College of Science, Shantou University

Innovation to Industry Base for Brackish Water Eco-Aquaculture and Food Processing, sponsored by Education Bureau of Guangdong Province

Technology and Engineering Research Center for Subtropical Marine Shellfish and Algal Culture, sponsored by Education Bureau of Guangdong Province

Shantou Mollusk Experimental Station, CARS

International Cooperation Foundation for Marine Biological Resource Utilization of Guangdong Province

Marine Macroalgal Collection of Guangdong Province

Newtianyang Aquaculture Research Center

Aquatic Programs

Doctoral Degree Program:  Marine Biology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology   

Master‘s Degree Program: Biology (First class subject)Marine BiologyBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyEnvironmental ScienceHydrobiologyDevelopmental BiologyMicrobiologyEnvironmental Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree Program:  Biotechnology